Cultured Vegetables

Cultured Vegetables Benefits

Making cultured vegetables is all new to me.  I made three different batches before I got one right.  The first turned out and were edible but the combinations I used didn’t taste good.  I did one with cauliflower and carrots and the cauliflower was too strong smelling and tasting.  I think I will stay away from cruciferous vegetables for now.  I did one with collard and kale and will use those both again but in combination with other vegetables and I will cut them much smaller.  I was the only one who could stomach them because that had such a strong smell and taste.

Cultured vegetables are very healthy. Since the vegetables are kept raw, all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are kept intact. Live cultures naturally live on cabbage and other vegetables and help breakdown the vegetables, this makes them easy to digest and adds tons of probiotics.  This especially helps the gut and immune system.  The whole point of adding them is to help balance the inner ecology of your body and to help with digestion.  The goal is to eat a 1/2 cup with each meal.  I bought the Veggie Culture Starter from Body Ecology to start out but hope to be able to use the juice from the ones I make to start future ones.

Keely’s candida finally seems to be under control and I feel the cultured vegetables have been a big help along with the goat yogurt and the Body Ecology Diet.  If anyone has any great cultured vegetable recipes I would love for you to post them.

Dillicious-cultured-beet-salad Recipe
This is the recipe I used for this jar and they are still fermenting.  I changed it up a bit and didn’t have any dill on hand so skipped it.  I left some cut up apples in with the beets instead of blending all of them.  They should be ready to eat tomorrow.

More info on cultured vegetables.
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