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Solstice Tacos

My favorite thing at a cafe here in Utah called Cafe Solstice is the Solstice Tacos.  If you live here or are visiting you have to go there!  I have almost had everything on the menu and every single thing is delicious.    My kids favorite is the Med Sandwich with the dairy free homemade cheese they make!  These are not identical but I tried to replicate the best I could and they turned out good and they will have to do when I can’t make it in!

  • Organic Soft Taco Shells, we use MiRancho Organic Taco Sliders
  • Organic Sweet White Miso Paste
  • Raw Sunflower Seeds
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Daiya Cheddar Cheese or Organic Cheddar Cheese if eating dairy
  • Green Spring Mix, I love Organic Girl Super Greens
  • Annie’s Organic Chile Lime Vinigerette


Lay the taco shells on a baking sheet, spread some miso down the middle pretty thin, sprinkle on the sunflower seeds and the hemp seeds and then sprinkle cheese on top.  Place in oven for a couple minutes until cheese is melted.  Fill with greens and add dressing and you are all set.  So simple, so healthy and so amazing.


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