Cultured Italian Vegetables

1 bag baby carrots whole
2 beets chopped
1 Onion sliced into strips
1 organic zucchini cubed
1 TBSP Grandma Sandino’s Herbal Dip and Spread Mixture  or Organic Italian dry herb mix
1-2 tsp celtic sea salt or herbamare
2 Cabbage leaves

  •  In a the bottom of your jar mix 4 oz warm purified water with 1/2 packet culture starter and a of sugar or ecobloom to feed the probiotics in the starter and set aside.
  •  Wash and put in baby carrots whole.  Chop up onions and zucchini  into large pieces, chop beets into cubes.   Set aside a couple carrots, onion and beets to put in blender for brine.
  •   Put in the blender with 8 oz water and blend.   Pour into jar with the culture water and add 1-2 tsp sea salt and 1 TBSP Grandma Sandino’s herbal mix and stir.
  •  Start packing in your vegetables fist packing it tight and when you have 1/2 inch from the top add some more purified water until the all vegetables are covered and then put 2-3 whole cabbage leaves on top to hold the vegetables under water and close shut.
  • Place on top of your fridge or somewhere it will be undisturbed, cover with a towel if your house is on the cold side.  Let sit for 5-7 days in the winter. Mine usually cultures in 4-5 days in the summer and 5 -7 in the winter just depending on how warm your house is.  You can tap it after 4 days and see if it still fizzes or bubbles, if it does it is still culturing if not then they should be done and you can place them in the refrigerator.  Should stay good for about 8 mths but they are so good probably won’t last longer than a couple of weeks.  If you suspect they have gone bad then don’t risk it.



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