Salmon Salad and Almond Crackers

Salmon Salad with Almond Crackers

Costco carries this Wild Sockeye and Wild Alaskan Salmon below.  The kids were hungry for a snack so I mixed this together and they loved it.  I had to use vegenaise for Keely because she is back to no eggs right now but this coconut oil mayonnaise from Wilderness Family Naturals is great and the recipe below it is one that would be GAPS Friendly.

1 can Wild Sockeye or Alaskan Salmon
1 TBSP  of bought Organic Coconut Oil Mayonnaise 
Or Coconut Mayonnaise Recipe
1 TBSP Cultured Cabbage
Lemon juice

Mix everything together.  Eat on top of these Almond Crackers or with Romaine Lettuce.

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