Quinoa Garden casserole

This Quinoa Gardern Casserole is very hearty and warming.  Quinoa is a staple in our house, we love it in soups, salads, wraps and casseroles.  Really any combo of greens from your garden would be great in here, just chop them small.  The above photo is of a woman harvesting quinoa, the quinoa fields are beautiful and very colorful.

1 cup quinoa soaked overnight
3-4 red potatoes diced small
Fresh Thyme, 2 sprigs chopped small
Fresh Parsley, 2 sprigs chopped small
Fresh Oregano, 1 sprig chopped small
Fresh Rosemary, 1 sprig chopped small
Kale, Swiss Chard or Collard 2 leaves chopped really small
2 Tbsp Coconut Oil or Ghee melted
herbamare to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Cook Quinoa ahead of time.  Boil 15 minutes in 2 cups of water.  Then mix everything in casserole dish and bake 1 hr.

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