Body Ecology Diet

We started the Body Ecology Diet for the last week.  I am finishing up the book this week and then we will be ready to start it fully.  I am making sure I understand all the principles and have the house stocked with all necessities.  The principles from what I understand so far are as follows:
 – To eat a balance of expansive/contractive foods.
 – 80% Alkaline to 20% Acid ratio per meal.
 –  Eat grains and starchy vegetables with non-starchy vegetables.
 – Always eat protein with non starchy vegetables and ocean vegetables.
 – Eat fruit alone.
 – Eating until your only %80 full, leaving %20 for digestion to take place.
 – Eating probiotic and prebiotic foods everyday, finding these mostly in cultured vegetables, kefir,  drinks cultured made from things like coconut water.  This is all to re-establish your inner ecosystem.
 – Most importantly for us, taking out foods that feed candida in the body while restoring good bacteria with the all the cultured/fermented foods and drinks.
When our body is too acidic it causes disease in the body.  Things that also cause acidity and these are taken from The Body Ecology book are:
Deficiency of Minerals
Liver and Kidney Weakness
Overconsumption of animal protein from animals
Improper Food Combining
I have been researching further expansive/contractive foods and reading up on fermenting vegetables.  I made two batches last week and messed them up a bit.  After reading some other sights about fermenting I realized I didn’t have enough liquid in the jars and I used regular mason jars that leaked and now realize the clamped jars are much better.
All food is either contractive or expansive.  Cooking is contractive, raw is expansive.  Balance is some of both.
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