cacao smoothie

Cacao Coconut Kefir Banana Smoothie

My friend Lisa gave me some starters for Kefir and I made my first batch this week.   I was having a sweet tooth this morning and put this together for breakfast.

16 oz. hemp milk or any milk
2 TBSP Coconut Kefir
1-2 Bananas
2 TBSP Cacao Powder
2 TBSP Chia Seed
Handful Spinach
1 TBSP any Nut Butter
1 TBSP Raw Honey

Put everything in blender, blend until smooth.

Health Benefits of Ingredients:

Chia Seed – Health Benefits of Chia Seed

Raw Honey – Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Coconut Kefir

  • This one talks about benefits here.
  • This one gives instruction on making your own here.

Bananas – Health Benefits of Bananas
Cacao Powder – Health Benefits of Cacao Powder

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